Knobcon III redux

Well, we made it to our first Knobcon . A big thanks to Suit and Tie Guy, Mike Cameron, and everyone else who put on the show. Also, a special thanks to Donald Crunk/Jason Degelman who helped push us over the edge about coming to the show.


If you haven’t been to a synth meet like Knobcon before, I highly recommend it. We have a really great community here. It was a pleasure to meet everyone from existing Erthenvar customers, to modular neophytes, to other manufacturers and shop owners.

Anyhow, we showed some cool new prototypes at Knobcon and I guess it’s time to let the word out. We welcome feedback, the final versions are subject to change, and we don’t have an exact release date for any of these, but here they are…

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Put your feet into it

If you’ve run out of hands to tweak your patch, this next World Interface 1U Tile is for you! The Express converts an expression pedal signal into 0-5V control voltage.

No more relying on just two appendages to do filter sweeps, now your feet need to get involved. Put the pedal to the metal and give your patch more real-time control than ever.


Get in CTACT

Contact microphones are like a stethoscope for the experimental electronic musician. Make direct contact with an object, hear microscopically quiet sound and motion, add unimaginable texture to you performance and recordings.

Get in CTACT with our new Piezo Disc (15mm) contact mics and CTACT contact microphone pre-amplifier.

Here are a few Piezo Disc (15mm):

Piezo collectionAnd here is the CTACT 1U Tile:CTACT


Lunchbox beach…adventure

A beautiful Friday morning, what better to do for lunch than make a spicy chicken pita sandwich and head down to the beach with my Lunchbox Traveler? Walk around, get some sun, take a couple of pictures. What could go wrong?

I’ll cut to the chase. A seagull stole half of my sandwich. I was very upset indeed, until I realize I had something special on my camera. The seagull, caught red hand…beaked, about to snap up my delicious lunch. And his jaw-dropping friend walking up wanting a piece of the action.


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Passive Bus Block!

We are happy to announce another way to distribute power to 1U Tiles (and Eurorack): introducing the Pulp Logic Passive Bus Block.


The Passive Bus Block is a super short bus board attached to a plastic mounting card for easy installation into your DIY case. They offer an alternative to the Euro to Tile Power cable for case builders.

Note: you’ll still need power, this is only for power distribution