Improved jacks now shipping!

We heard your feedback about unreliable switch/normal operation and worked closely with the manufacturer to come up with a robust vertical 3.5mm jack with a reliable switch.

After several revs of the part, we are proud to announce the new part is now in stock and shipping!

We plan to demonstrate the strength of a new switch shortly, and will continue to spot check parts within each lot for quality control.

In addition to new jacks, we have switched to a higher quality knurled nut.

The new nuts have a more defined knurled texture, a smoother finish on the top and bottom, and a higher quality feel.

On the left are the new nuts and on the right are the old nuts.

While supplies last, the old knurled nuts are available for just $1 for a bag of 100 pieces.

Visit the webstore to order:

3.5mm Vertical Mount Jacks

3.5mm Knurled Nuts

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