Just give me a sine

When the Patch Chord was launched, it was greeted with compliments from all over the modular community. However, one critique was universal: that’s nice, but can you make it do sine waves?

We were quick to put a stop to that one. It would be: too big, use too much power, and be too expensive, we said. Well, it’s time to eat those words.

We’d like to introduce Patch Chord Version 3, which generates:

  1. pulse, with continuously variable pulse width
  2. triangle, with continuously variable skew from saw to ramp
  3. sine, with continuously variable warp

All 3 waveforms may be forced to a 50% duty cycle for a perfect: square, triangle, or sine wave.

Patch Chord Version 3 is now shipping. We are able to upgrade existing units, please fill out the contact form in our store.

Thank you for your support and inspiration, this wouldn’t have been possible without you asking the tough questions!

Here’s the first peek at Patch Chord Version 3:


2 thoughts on “Just give me a sine

  1. This is the third contact, I hope that this time answer me.

    how to update my Chords v2 to v3 firmware ?

    best regards
    Paolo Sassi

  2. Hi Paolo,

    I apologize for the delay. Unfortunately the Patch Chord was not designed with field updates in mind, so it has been considerable work to find a solution to upgrade international units. I have bumped this project up to the top of the queue. A reminder, you can also send your unit in for upgrade.



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