Specs: 1U Tiles

Rail Requirements

The 1U Tiles have been built to fit between Vector rails. Other brands may not have as much space between the rails, so please check the PCB dimensions below before building a case for Tiles.


Tiles are powered with a 3-pin keyed Futaba-style connector, which provides the module with +/-12V and GND. The 3-pin power cable is soldered directly to the PCB. The footprint has a pitch of 0.125″ and drill size of 0.060″.

  • GND – black wire
  • +12V – red wire
  • -12V – white wire


The 1U Tile format is designed to have a small depth, so they are “skiff friendly”. As of this publishing, the Tile depths range from 15mm to 36mm, with most in the 15-20mm range.

Panel Specifications (Typical)

  • width: 30.48 mm (1.200″)
  • height: 43.18 mm (1.700″)
  • mounting drills: 3.175 mm (0.125″) diameter
  • mounting (x mm, y mm): (4.95, 3.00), (40.18, 3.00), (4.95, 25.27), (40.18, 25.27)
  • mounting (x”, y”): (0.195, 0.118), (1.582, 0.118), (0.195, 0.995), (1.582, 0.995)
  • Tile panel specs

PCB Specifications (Typical)

  • width: 27.94 mm (1.100″)
  • height: 28.70 mm (1.130″)


9 thoughts on “Specs: 1U Tiles

  1. I need a part/series number for the “futaba style” connectors you reference. We are developing 1U modules and need this info. Thanks!

  2. Have you thought about trying to find a way to make a power distribution board for the 1U modules instead of the octopus you have now? I’ve looked and cannot find PCB versions of the Futaba connectors. I’d be willing to work with you on this if you’re interested.

  3. I have added the colors to the specs above.

    PulpLogic has developed a distribution board using Tile Splitters connected to header pins on the PCB, all held down with a sort of bracket. I will see about getting pictures up.

  4. What are the depths of your 1U tiles? I’m making a case and need to make it deep enough to clear the tiles. Thanks!

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